Eco bike tours in Heraklion

Alex is a native Cretan guy, who totally loves Heraklion City and will guide you through the most famous and lesser-known corners of the city. He’ll share some of his favorite places to eat, dance, and hang out. It will be a great way to start your visit or even explore the best monuments around! You will ride ecobikes (pedal free).

This is where we go:

1_moscue1. The first point of our tour is Vithleem Gate. There is a refreshing park and the Cultural Center of Heraklion.





2_new_gate2. New Gate of Heraklion .This is one of the gates of Heraklion. We present you the Venetian famous city walls.






3_victory_statue3. We head towards the statue of Victory (Battle of Crete) and the statue of our leader Venizelos. We then ride towards Liberty Square.



4. Neoria is our next stop at the place where boats at ancient Crete were held. Another important monument in our town.




5.Sea is the best view ever in Heraklion, we move towards the Venetian port, the Koule Fortress. Lighthouse, that only bikes can reach.



4. Our route continues at the  25th August, the so-called Lure street, Saint Titos church, Lozzia Municipality and end up at the Four Lions Square.

5. The next point of interest of our route is Koumpe, a coffee place nowadays and an important monument of our city. 


6. The last stop of our tour is the Saint Minas Cathedral, where we stop to enter the temple and enjoy the beautiful colours of the venetian vitro glasses at the main entrance.


In a small group, we will explore two different things: the historic city center of Heraklion and vibrant and creative everyday life of Cretan people. As we ride, Alex will tell you lots of legends and stories about the characters who have shaped Heraklion City.

This ride is for you if:

– you want to see the historic neighborhoods where people have lived and worked for centuries

– sitting on a tour bus is too passive

– you prefer to go off the beaten path and see the alternative sights of Heraklion

– you want to engage with a real Cretan guy, who can give you honest opinions on all aspects of cretan life, tradition and culture.

– you want to see most of the city in one day You will ride Alex’s personal collection of electric bikes (pedal-free), which are fully certified and insured. We’ll move around some of his favorite neighborhood spots, including famous Koule Lighthouse where nobody can walk until the end… we can do that because.. we ride bikes!!

Special Info:

225lb/103 kg weight limit per bike

Weather Cancellation: If there’s rain or other, all tours will be cancelled and guests may reschedule for the next day if there are available.

Helmet and special bike gear is provided

You need to bring:

Comfortable clothes
Sun protection
Lots of smiles and laughter

If you want to book the amazing tour:

You can do it from this website :

or take 10% discount if you contact by email Alex at or Viber-WhatsApp at 00306979896487

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