Where to go guide

How to get here

From the Airport by bus:

From the Arrivals area, walk towards the Airport Bus Station (Press Google Spot here). The bus comes every 7 min.

From the Airport Bus Stop, you will use one of the following bus numbers: 12,23,05,06,08,10,11,12,15,17,18,19,31.

After 30 minutes you will disembark at Kornarou Square, 71201, Heraklion (Press Google Spot here).

From Kornarou Square, 71201, Heraklion , walk for 1 min towards your point of destination that is Thiseos 3, 71201, Heraklion (Press Google Spot here).

The cost is 1,20 per person.

From the Airport by taxi:

From the Arrivals area, walk towards the Taxi Station (It is exactly outside the station). There are always taxis, and you should tell them that you need to go to Thiseos 3, 71201, Heraklion near ‘Psaradika’.

The cost is approximately 15-20 Euro for this route.

From the Port by bus:

From the spot that the boat leaves you, walk towards Port Bus Station (Press Google Spot here). The bus comes every 6 min.

From the Port Bus Stop, you will use one of the following bus numbers: 12,23,06,07,08,10,11,12,14,15,17,18,19,31.

After 20 minutes you will disembark at Kornarou Square, 71201, Heraklion (Press Google Spot here).

From Kornarou Square, 71201, Heraklion , walk for 1 min towards your point of destination that is Thiseos 3, 71201, Heraklion (Press Google Spot here).

The cost is 1,20 per person.

From the Port by taxi:

From the spot that the boat leaves you, walk towards the Taxis that are waiting there. . There are always taxis, and you should tell them that you need to go to Thiseos 3, 71201, Heraklion near ‘Psaradika’.

The cost is fixed approximately 15 Euro for this route.

From the KTEL Bus Station by bus:

From the spot that the bus leaves you, walk towards Port Bus Station (Press Google Spot here). The bus comes every 6 min.

From the Port Bus Stop, you will use one of the following bus numbers: 04,02,03,04,09,125,16.

After 20 minutes you will disembark at Kornarou Square Bus Station, 71201, Heraklion (Press Google Spot here).

From 1821 Bus Station at Kalokairinou 80, 71201, Heraklion , walk for 2 min towards your point of destination that is Thiseos 3, 71201, Heraklion (Press Google Spot here).

The cost is 1,20 per person.


From the KTEL Bus Station by taxi:

From the spot that the bus leaves you, walk towards the Taxis that are waiting there. . There are always taxis, and you should tell them that you need to go to Thiseos 3, 71201, Heraklion near ‘Psaradika’.

The cost is fixed at 10 Euro for this route.

Parking Options in Heraklion City Center

Option 1: Plastira Center Robotic Parking is located five minutes away on foot from Crops Suites. The daily cost is 5 Euro and you can enter and exit the parking paying every time. It is open 24/7.  Google Spot here

Option 2: Thiseos Parking is the nearest option, located in our street, 0 minutes away from Crops Suites. The daily cost is 12 Euro and you can enter and exit the parking as many times as you want during the day. It is open 24/7.  Google Spot here

Option 3: Free parking at the street. You can come until Crops Suites, leave luggage and then we can show you at which nearby streets you can park with no problem. That is possible if you arrive after the city shops are closed.

Want to eat?

At our suites, you can enjoy the best of Cretan cuisine and much more with just a phonecall.

If you want to order breakfast, lunch or dinner you will guide the delivery service to the apartment, by saying it is in the centre (“kentro” in greek), at Thiseos 3 street, 3d or 4th floor, and at the main entrance, they will find the Airbnb sign.

These places that we recommend are not all of the available, it’s just where we and our friends like to eat! If you try something else and you liked it, let us know and we will add it!

Breakfast at home

If you need extra options than the breakfast we offer, you can signup online at E-food application and search for “coffee” and enjoy breakfast at home with just a phonecall. The application has offers every day .

Breakfast in Heraklion Crops Suites

URL:     https://www.e-food.gr/

(Click translate in English powered by Google and you will find everything in the menu)

Takeaway or Delivery

Pita Papou is at the city center and they can be here in 10 minutes with “papou pita”, a pie with greek giros and tasty sauce.

Pita Papou Heraklion -  Crops Suites Heraklion

Tel. 0030 2810 342618

Via Pastarella is near the apartment with authentic Italian cuisine and much more. You may order a pizza through the website below


Tel. +30 2810 260560

URL: https://www.e-food.gr/delivery/iraklio-crete/pastarella (hit translate in english)

Want to visit a local Restaurant?

Greek food – Traditional Cuisine

Crops Suites are located in the heart of Heraklion City. Near the apartments there are many taverns and restaurants. You can enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner. And remember: Never ask for the bill and leave, most of the taverns in Crete serve dessert as a treat after meal and you can taste the raki alcohol drink too!

Peskesi Restaurant is the most romantic option in Heraklion. A courtyard 100 years back is revived in the heart of the city. Traditional, cretan recipes, with also vegan and vegetarian options. Our local herbs and spices in the most amazing dishes. There the waiters don’t just serve the food, they explain everything to you and offer you the ultimate experience of cretan culture, the gourmet way!


Tip: Try the 40 herbs aromatic hand spa that they offer at the beginning!

Tel: 0030 2810 288887

Google Spot here

Petousis Restaurant in Heraklion city center is a very tasty option for lamb and steaks. They grill everything on charcoal plateau and the smell and taste is completely amazing. The service is very responsive even for the most demanding clients.


Tel: 0030 281 028 0380

Google Spot here

Ippokampos Restaurant is ideal for fish lovers. It is a fish tavern located at the Venetian Harbor. Ippokampos Tavern offers the most fresh fish in the city. They keep the traditional touch in the way they cook the fish and seafood, without extravagant experimental techniques. Order fresh tsipoura or lavraki, or even fried tasty sea food. Ask them what the fishers caught today!


Tel: 0030 281 028 0240

Google Spot here

Politia (for Giros or Souvlaki) : Giros is chopped pieces of pork served in a pie. Souvlaki is rectangle pieces of pork, grilled served in a pie. It is our local “quick” food, not so unhealthy though and very economic. The best thing you can do is order only one, since it is really huge. We definitely recommend it accompanied with a cold beer.


Tel: 0030 2810 222402

Google Spot Here

Antipodas is located in Korai street, in the city center. It is that kind of restaurant that is filled with people all day long. The special reason why is that it is a place with character and very nice food. At the main entrance you will see “magali”. That is a metal basket filled with lit charcoal where they grill potatoes in a very special way that they used to cook it back in the old days. And that is only what they serve at the beginning in order to welcome you. Vegeterian or not ask them for the rest!


Tel: 0030 2810 343236

Google Spot here

Kagiampis Restaurant is an Ouzo traditional restaurant with excellent appetizers, one of the classic hikes of the city of Heraklion. Countryside cuisine, delicious omelets with green fresh vegetable and much more. Fine wine from a local vineyard, historical decor and spontaneous meetings of artists.

Kagiampis Restaurant - Crops Suites Heraklion

Tel. 0030 281 022 6286

Google Spot here

Hagiati is a meze tavern in which the special thing is that you learn greek. You leave the place and you feel Greek! All of the walls contain words and expressions that we use in our everyday life. The food is exceptional too.


Tip: You can order in Greek! Tell the waiter “Yia sou, irtha gia na fao to kalitero fai!” (means: Hi, i came here in order to eat nothing less than your best food!)

Google Spot here

Erganos Tavern is for those who want to explore where the locals go with their families in a not central area, a ten minute walk outside from the city center, you can find a nominated tavern, Erganos can offer very traditional tastes and flavors. There you can taste food the way locals prefer it. Very original cretan cuisine is the key to their nomination.


Tel: 0030 2810 285629

Google Spot here

Petousis Restaurant in Amoudara is located fifteen minutes by car and it offers a great deal of Cretan flavours and tastes for a foodie. You will watch how “antikristo” is made, the local special kind to grill lamb on fire! We are sure you will enjoy it!

Petousis Restaurant - Crops Suites HeraklionPetousis Restaurant - Crops Suites Heraklion

Tel. 0030 81 082 1376

Google Spot here


Italian food

Via Pastarella is located in Kantanoleontos 2 Street near the venetian sightseeings of  Town Hall and Lions’ Square, just 5 minutes by foot.

A Tripadvisor certified restaurant with Italian cuisine.

Via Pastarella Restaurant - Crops Suites Heraklion

Tel. 0030 281 028 0505

Google Spot here

Want to take a City Tour?

If you want to try an amazing tour of the city and you feel like riding an electric eco bike is something you would really find tempting try this route with our friend Alex. If you need special discount refer at the end of the presentation. The best experience in town! 

For more info try this link: 


Want to rent a car, a scooter, or vehicle?

Here in Heraclion the distances inside the city are close enough so that you can see the city center. But you could take some vehicles in order to go to places. So this is what we propose:

Take the bus

15The station located near the apartment is called Plateia Kornarou (Kornarou square) . You can buy tickets from the  kiosk near the station or from the ticket machine. Every 5 minutes there is a bus to almost every part of the city.

The bus numbers you may need are:

From the Apartment to Airport: Number 10,12

From the Apartment to the Port: Number 06,11

From the Apartment to Knossos: Number 02

From the Apartment to Amnissos Beach:  Number 07

Every station returns back the same route

The bus station is here:

Google Spot for the station

For more bus information, inside the city of Heraklion and routes info visit this website


(Hit the Best Route and enter from Thiseos 3, 71201, Heraklion TO the destination you want to find)

For longer distances  visit the KTEL website in the following address


Rent a scooter

16If you want to go to nearby beaches: Rent a scooter or take the bus .

For scooter call our friend Thomas at (+30) 2810 222408 or (+30) 2810 286012 to get low prices and quality scooters. Pickup service is free.

You can use this site to book the scooter:


Rent a car

17If you want to go to long distance beaches: Rent a car, call our friend Dimitris at  (+30) 6944 505148 to get low prices and quality cars or book from internet from the following website. Pickup service is free.


Want to find an amazing beach?

Here in Heraclion there are many beautiful places to enjoy the Cretan sun and sand!!  From our apartment we ve measured the time by car to get to those:

There is a website with this URL: http://www.cretanbeaches.com/en/beaches-of-crete/central-crete-beaches-heraklion

There are 74 beaches here in our district. You can hit each one and see what you can get and how to get ther. We made some choices for you based on our personal taste.. we hope you enjoy them.

10 minutes away beaches:

Beach 59: Amoudara.


There are many taverns and facilities there for you. You can reach it in ten minutes. Lovely beach for children. You can find quiet places and crowded places, just search the area and you will find something to like! Petousis tavern serves nice meals.

20 minutes away beaches:

Beach 51: Psaromoura.


You can enjoy a relaxed swim in a small beach with not so many people (except Saturday and Sunday)

Beach 52: Agia Pelagia.


It is a bigger beach with many taverns and café. You could go for a perfectly cooked meal. We suggest Almyra Restaurant.

Beach 60:Karteros-Amnissos


Karteros beach is a very big shore and you can go for a swim and coffee. (Amnissos beach is really nice too there, ask and you’ll find it). Parasiris Tavern serves nice meals too.

30 minutes away beaches:

Beach 69: Hersonissos.


Many nice beaches, tasty food and great night life in Hersonissos. Try it if you feel the need to party all night long!

Beach 72: Mallia.


Same as above, the sea is really good, many people, too much party!


1 hour away beaches:

If you feel adventurous enough, you can rent a car and travel along to the south side of Heraklion. There are many beaches from numbers 1-47.

We suggest:

Beach 44: Matala.


It is a beautiful beach approximately 1 hour from Heraclion. It was a hippies movement favorite beach back  in the 70’s specially because of  the natural cavities in the huge rocks above the beach. Too many taverns and cafes are there too.

Beach 43: Red Beach.


It is a beach of wild beauty. There you need to go prepared, because there are not too many people in that beach. It is a spectacular landscape for someone to visit.

Beach 45: Komos.


The beach is near Matala. You get there from Pitsidia village. Ancient rocks lay there since the Minoan years. There lay pink kinds of shells.

Beach 32: Lendas.


It is our favorite beach in the whole island. It is an hour and a half from Heraclion. It has many taverns and natural beauty. We suggest the “Zorbas Tavern”, where you can find Cretan cuisine. In Lentas, a so called Ancient Healing Temple of Asklipios and many other antiquities. The road to get there is a little tiring, it has too many turns.

Here is an amazing video about it:


Beach 33: Dyskos.


This beach is 1 klm from Lentas. It is a nudism beach and it is huge. With your swimming suit or without, you can enjoy the best sunset in Crete.

Want to go sightseeing?

The must -visit sights in Heraklion are too many, so that you will need 3 weeks to visit them. So we tried to eliminate the basics for you. We hope you will find something that you will really enjoy.

Points of Interest

Knossos: Knossos, the famous Minoan Palace lies 5 kilometres southeast of Heraklion, in the valley of the river Keratos. The river rises in Archanes, runs through Knossos and reaches the sea at Amnissos, the Minoan harbour of Knossos.


In Minoan times the river flowed all year round and the surrounding hills were covered in oak and cypress trees, where today we see vines and olives. The pine trees inside the archaeological site were planted by Evans.

Constant habitation for 9,000 years has brought about great changes to the natural environment, so it is hard to imagine what the Minoan landscape was like.

More info at: http://www.explorecrete.com/Knossos/knossos.html

How to get there:

Knossos Google spot 

Festos: Phaistos, or more correctly the Minoan Palace of Phaistos, is located in the Messara Plain in south-central Crete, 55 kilometres south of Heraklion and a short distance from the archaeological site of Agia Triada, the archaeological site of Gortys and Matala.


Phaistos is one of the most important archaeological sites in Crete, with many thousands of visitors annually. Phaistos is “Φαιστός” in Greek and you may find it also written as Phaestos, Faistos or Festos.

The Minoan palace of Phaistos corresponds to a flourishing city which arose in the fertile plain of the Messara in prehistoric times, from circa 6000 BC to the 1st century BC, as archaeological finds confirm.

More info at: http://www.explorecrete.com/archaeology/phaistos.html

How to get there:

Festos Google Spot


Eleftherias Square (Νο 1), the main square of Heraklion with the St George Gate, the Prefecture and the Archaeological Museum

Daidalou Street (Νο 2), the commercial pedestrian street in the heart of Heraklion.

Korai Street, the Heraklion café district

Lions or Lions Square (Νο 3), Eleftheriou Venizelou Square, site of the Morosini Fountain, the famous Venetian fountain with the lions

Meidani (Νο 4), the central Heraklion crossroads

The main Heraklion market in 1866 Street (Νο 4 to Νο 5)

Bembo Fountain, a wonderful Venetian fountain next to a Turkish monument in Kornarou Square

Kornarou Square, the square of Erotokritos and Aretousa, heroes of the great Cretan writer Vicenzos Kornaros

Saint Minas, (No 6) the cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of Heraklion

Kalokairinou Avenue, the “Platia Strata” of Heraklion

Basilica of St Mark, (No 3) the Heraklion Municipal Art Gallery

Venetian Loggia, the most elegant Venetian monument in Heraklion

Saint Titus, (No 8) the church of St Titus or Agios Titos in Greek.

25th of August Street, “Illusion Street”, the most beautiful street in Heraklion

Heraklion Harbour, the old Venetian harbour (No 9) and the new Heraklion port

Koules, (No 10) the Venetian fortress at the entrance to the harbour, symbol of the city of Heraklion

Coast road, Heraklion nightlife, Dominican Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Natural History Museum, Talos Shopping Centre, Pancretan Olympic Stadium

Heraklion Museums

Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, housing the major exhibits of Minoan Crete

Historical Museum of Crete (No 11)

Museum of the Battle of Crete

Natural History Museum

Want to try outdoor activities?

Our apartment is beautiful, but you may want to get out of it and try some stuff. We love outdoor activities, so we have many proposals for you around our island! Read and choose:

Scuba diving:


You can contact Dimitris and Iro in Agia Pelagia Beach at (+30) 2810811755 . You can book this exciting experience in the green waters of that beach! For more information hit this website




Contact Stratos for an experience in the sea. Get a meal on the waves of the island of Dia at the north of Crete.

Tel (+30) 6940401919

Windurfing, Sup, Kitesurfing, Parasailing, Waterski :


Beaches in Crete are amazing for watersports. At Anissaras Hersonisos you can enjoy fascinating watersports!

Tel. (+30) 6977 393 691 or visit website:



Try one of the beaches we proposed!

Horse Riding:

In Crete there are many horses from ancient years until now. More and more people everyday like horses and feel the need to try and learn how to ride one.

The Athletic Club of Crete “Ipposxesi” is a specially landscaped area within nature, located 15 minutes from the city center.

ipposxesi2The Club has the most complete equestrian facilities in Finikia, Heraklion, as well as specially trained horses for equestrian training.

In the area of the Club one can find an organized school with a very welcoming environment where riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders and amazons of all ages are held daily.

The Group also has modern facilities for the training and care of horses by specialized trainers who support it.

Riding is used for recreational gymnastics as well as a method to combat emotional disturbances and behaviors.

You also have several options like sea horse riding, mountain horse riding or mountain horse riding.

We show you the Google Spot and we totally recommend that you should give it a try!

Press Google Spot

For more information you can contact us in order to book an appointment for you with the director Vaggelis.


Iraklio Bowling Center is a fully renovated spacing area, just minutes away from the city center of Heraklion, at Heraklion Port entrance.

bowlingThe visitors have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite hobby under the sounds of the best music in town at a very friendly atmosphere. At the same place you can find an open bat for coffee or drink and there is a free playground for children.

The Iraklion Bowling Center is created with special care in order to promote small and great secrets of athle, game and entertainment.

Open from early morning until late at night.

Press Google Spot



Book a spa experience in Aegeo Spa. It is located near the apartment(10 minutes by car).  Hamam, Spa, Massage, Sauna and much more are offered. For the services provided here is the information:


Tel: +30 2810 264400



It is offered in Aegeo Spa too. (info above)



One day programs are available at Aegeo Spa too. (info above)

Want to visit places of personal care?

Here in our apartment you can find many of the delivery or in-the-apartment privileges like:

Nail care and pent quire in-apartment: You can call Anna and your nails will be amazing in just a little while!

Tel. +30 6975 915099

Hairdresser: We have Hair Art Salon that is exactly beside the Suites, so that you always have a fresh haircut. Maria is the best option for a very fancy lady!


You can call the “Clean up ” clean clothes-delivery  and they will come to our apartment, get your clothes and the next time you see them at your door, your clothes smell fresh and clean!

Tel. +30 2810 211 536 or +30 2810 221 977

Address: Sinani Street or Theotokopoulou Street

URL: http://www.cleanup.com.gr/

Want to shop souvenirs?

If you want traditional souvenirs like natural sponges that we fish from the sea, soaps with special olive oil mixtures and fragrancies and traditional handmade clothes and leather sandals you can find them in the nearby traditional market street 1866.


You can find it here:

Google Maps Spot


Book a suite now!

By Phone at 00306974320857

By Email at : yianniscrops@gmail.com

By filling this form.

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