Juktas Mountain is the face of Zeus

A mountain in northcentral Crete, Mount Juktas (Greek: Γιούχτας – Giouchtas), also spelled Iuktas, Iouktas, or Ioukhtas, was an important religious site for the Minoan civilization. It is located a few kilometers from the palaces of Knossos and Fourni and the megaron at Vathypetro, Mount Juktas was the site of an important peak sanctuary in the Minoan world.


The mountain remains important in the religious life of the people of the area to this day – a Greek Orthodox chapel is located about a kilometer south of the sanctuary along the ridge of the mountain. Every year, people from towns down in the plains below Mount Juktas bring flowers in procession to the chapel.



The most amazing Mythology fact is that it is believed that Giouchtas mountain if you see it from Heraklion, it is like a face that is asleep. It is said that it is Zeus head watching at the sky like he was burried there.

One can visit Juktas mountain and make it a day trip by stopping at Archanes Village for lunch. It is a very interesting excursion.

We are very lucky, since we can enjoy the Giouchtas view from Crops Suites!



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