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In this page you will find interesting information about what is near Crops Suites in order to find everything without searching or wandering around. If you need further information, about fun activities or breakfast, lunch, dinner options,beaches and much more, you can refer to the:”Where to go guide” page of Crops website.


There is a supermarket near Crops Suites. You can find meat, cheese, milk, wine, fresh fruit, vegetable etc.

Mamma’s Market 


Working Hours: 9:00 – 21:00

How to get there:

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If you want fresh fish try the fresh Heraklion Fish Market. It is located two minutes away from our neighbourhood.


Working Hours: 8:00 – 14:00

How to get there:

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15The station located near the apartment is called Plateia Kornarou (Kornarou square) . You can buy tickets from the  kiosks near the station or from the vendor ticket machine in the station. Every 5 minutes there is a bus to almost every part of the city. There is an electric sign with information on how much time to wait for each destination. (for example it is: Bus No 07 Aminissos in 6′ )

The bus numbers you may need are:

From the Apartment to Airport: Number 10,12

From the Apartment to the Port: Number 06,11

From the Apartment to Knossos: Number 02

From the Apartment to Amnissos Beach:  Number 07

Every station returns back to the city center.

The bus station is here:


Google Map Spot

For more bus information, inside the city of Heraklion and routes info visit this website


(Hit the Best Route and enter FROM: Thiseos 3, 71201, Heraklion TO: the destination you want to find)

For longer distances  outside the city center, visit the KTEL website in the following address :



If you need a taxi in order to get a taxi to the airport or port or anywhere, there is a taxi station in Plateia Kornarou (Kornarou Square) that is available 24/7. You can get there, make an agreement with the driver and get to your destination. In case there are no taxis available you can call at 003028102102102 and tell them to reach Kornarou Taxi Station, but in case you call the extra charge is 5 euro+your route fare.

You can find the taxi station here:


Working Hours: 24/7

How to get there:

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In our neighbourhood there is a bakery called Nyktaris Bakery. You can find greek traditional bakery products, italian, french and really healthy diet products.

You can find every kind of bread you might like.


Working Hours: 7:00 – 22:00

How to get there:

Google Maps Spot


In our neighbourhood there is also a coffee shop for take away coffee called Nyktaris Bakery

It is fully described above.


The kiosk is located in Kornarou Square and you can find basic grocery staff, beer, cigarrettes, newspapers and more.

Working Hours: 07:00-0:00

How to get there:

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There are many pharmacies in Plateia Kornarou (Kornarou Square). There you can find sun lotion, pills and much more. One of them is this one:


Working Hours: 09:00-21:00

How to get there:

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In case you need to have cash from local ATM machines, they are functional 24/7 and have many in Kornarou Square. Here is one:


Working Hours: 24/7

How to get there:

Google Maps Spot


In case you need to send a card postal or some mail, here is the Post Office of Heraklion:


Working Hours: 08:00 – 20:00

How to get there:

Google Maps Spot

For extra information about special requests please refer to us by phone at the following contact information.


In case something happens you can call 100, or go to the tourist police department. It is located in the spot underneath:


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