Ride a horse in Heraklion!

In Crete there are many horses from ancient years until now. More and more people everyday like horses and feel the need to try and learn how to ride one.

The Athletic Club of Crete “Ipposxesi” is a specially landscaped area within nature, located 15 minutes from the city center.

ipposxesi2The Club has the most complete equestrian facilities in Finikia, Heraklion, as well as specially trained horses for equestrian training.

In the area of ​​the Club one can find an organized school with a very welcoming environment where riding lessons for beginners and advanced riders and amazons of all ages are held daily.

The Group also has modern facilities for the training and care of horses by specialized trainers who support it.

Riding is used for recreational gymnastics as well as a method to combat emotional disturbances and behaviors.

You also have several options like sea horse riding, mountain horse riding or mountain horse riding.


We show you the Google Spot and we totally recommend that you should give it a try!

Press Google Spot

For more information you can contact us in order to book an appointment for you with the director Vaggelis.

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